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When my grandson was a baby, he had a terrible temper. When he was mad or simply unhappy, he would scream, kick and punch, and lash out at whatever and whoever he could. We were besides ourselves as to what to do with him, because we knew this would only get worse as he grew older. I was talking to a good friend one day who trained at RT Berry's school. He advised me to talk with Master Berry. I called with no great hopes that anything could be done here. In my mind, this would only breed more violence, but I called anyway. Master Berry spent a lot of time in the phone with me and explained the Tigers program and told me a lot about Master Best. On our first visit, as soon as we walked through the door, I knew we were in a good place. Just the aura inside the school was calming and respectful. Seth was invited to participate in the class we had come to observe, and he fell in like a pro! I was so impressed at the gentle but firm method Master Best and all the other instructors use. We signed him up that day! That was when Seth was 2 years old. He is now almost 6, has his blue belt, and is an avid member of the Black Belt club. The transformation in him did not happen immediately, but over time the bad tantrums stopped and he has become a polite, young man who opens doors and says "yes sir and yes ma'am". His little sister also started the Tigers program when she was 2, and now at age 4, is getting ready to test for her green stripe belt and will soon be sparring. She s also a polite young lady who also says "yes sir and yes ma'am".
Seth and Eva Warlick

I began training at the R.T. Berry School of Tae Kwon Do in May of 2005 as a ten-year-old little girl. My family signed me up because I thought learning a martial art would be fun, but what I got out of training was so much more than any technique or skill. Master Berry emphasizes discipline, honor, and confidence for all of his students. His constant character building changed my life completely. Due to Master Berry’s dedication to building strong students, I grew from a shy little girl to a confident young woman. I have moved up from the kids class to the adult class. I was given leadership opportunities within the school. I have also been a part of three black belt tests. I am now an adult black belt student, as well as a college student. I have been training on my own while I am away at school in order to keep a tight connection with my training. As a child in the kids class many years ago, I always took Master Berry’s lessons seriously. He always spoke about character, discipline, intent, and many other important character-building qualities. Now that I am an adult who trains on my own, each of the values I have learned through training have become more important to me. I have had to internalize every lesson I’ve learned in order to train alone successfully. I have also been able to apply the discipline to my school work, and the character building to my relationships with other people. When signing up for a Tae Kwon Do class, most people expect to learn self-defense, sparring techniques, or forms. While R.T. Berry School students do learn these things, the character building is what sets Master Berry’s curriculum apart from other schools. He shows his students how to become successful martial artists and honorable people. His students have the opportunity to set goals, gain confidence, and build lasting relationships with other students. My experience as a Tae Kwon Do student has molded me into the confident young woman that I am now. I am truly thankful to Master Berry and the R.T. Berry School for standing by me, with me, and for me for the past ten years.
Miss Thompson

Looking for physical conditioning this is the place. Whether you like individual workouts our group activities this is the place. A supportive environment where there are no judges and it's all about you being your best you. A unique place where you're pushed by people and pulled by others all at the same time. Looking for something to build confidence in yourself or your children, a place where the only competition is you and raising the bar on yourself. This is the place. Ever felt that you just needed something that would center your life, your family’s life, providing a constant reminder that life is what you make of it. This is the place. I have had the great fortune of working in the corporate world, being a church elder, and raising 2 girls. In my eight years training with Master Berry, I can unequivocally say the passion Master Berry has for his students and their development is unsurpassed. I am learning things today that I hear 9 year old being taught in class; imagine knowing what you know as an adult but learning it as a kid. Things like honor, discipline, and respect: not just for others but for yourself. Young and old alike, Master Berry has built an environment that allows personal development to be tested and refined: nurtured and expanded. I am honored and humbled to be one of his students.
Susan Bednarick

My daughter began training at R.T. Berry School almost one year ago. She has earned her green-stripe belt and has every intention of earning her black belt one day. We were excited about her journey when she began, but we had no idea how many positive experiences were to come. It has been more than just the training (which is AWESOME!) or the self-defense, or the exercise. It has been about goals, discipline, self-concept and interpersonal relationships, which they call martialships- both with Master Berry and with the students in her class. Master Berry ensures that the students learn respect and honor and compassion. They really do see themselves as a family that trains together! And on top of all that, they have FUN! We have only lived at Lake Norman for a few years and wanted our daughter to have the opportunity to be a "part" of something bigger. R.T. Berry School is definitely the "something bigger" we were looking for.
The Phelps Family

I have been training with Master Berry for almost 10 years now. I started training so that I could learn self defense but my training has become so much more. Master Berry teaches his students to have a positive mindset that not only helps them succeed in martial arts but in life. I have learned to view every situation, good or bad, as an opportunity to learn and grow. At Master Berry's school we don't quit. We work hard and train hard until we accomplish our goals. Training at Master Berry's school has helped me to become a stronger person. I have learned how to set goals to accomplish them. I have learned how to become a leader by following the example of my awesome instructor. I work as a teacher assistant at an elementary school and I have learned how to be a leader to the children I teach. Master Berry has taught me how to work with children in a positive manner and be a good role model to them. Training with Master Berry had turned my life around. I am no longer the shy, insecure girl who doubts herself and makes excuses. I strive every day to be the best person I can be. I never stop learning and growing. My training always provides new and exciting opportunities. I live my life as a black belt and training will always be a part of my life. I am a part of something much bigger than myself: a family who trains, sweats and grows stronger together. In a world where everyone is so focused on themselves, the family atmosphere that Master Berry provides is priceless.
Jennifer Ratcliff

I have been training with Master Berry for almost 12 years now and unquestionably view the decision to start as the best one I have ever made. I became involved with the Martial arts and the Robert Summers Association when my children were 7 and 8 years old (16 years ago) when it was recommended to me to have my youngest son start as a way to increase his confidence and self- esteem. I saw drastic changes over the first 6 months they were training and realized that this was not an activity but a way of life and would be a beneficial part of theirs until they were grown. They earned their first Black Belt right around the same time that Master Berry announced he was opening his own school at Lake Norman. That is when I decided to start and I have never looked back. I have continued to watch my sons grow and mature and now the “shy one” is a United States Army Airborne Ranger. I can honestly say that that would not have happened if it were not for his continued dedication to training during his teen age years and the discipline and mind set it gave him. He still craves it and trains with Master Berry whenever he gets the opportunity. My oldest son has continued his training with Master Berry and has just earned his Master level or 4th Degree Black Belt. His work ethic in everything he does is a true reflection of his training with Master Berry as well. It is an amazing thing to share something this special with my children. Beginning as an adult was a different experience but with the same results. Master Berry teaches us all how to set goals and to achieve them in all aspects of our lives. On a professional level I began realizing how beneficial the martial arts and Master Berry’s program would be to most of the children that I was seeing for developmental delays, sensory integration issues and even ADHD. I have recommended many children start in the martial arts and have seen remarkable benefits for them as well. On a physical level it coordinates the right and left side of the body, increases both fine and gross motor coordination, and enhances endurance and balance as well. The discipline and mental side of Master Berry’s program teaches all children impulse and emotional control as well as how to deal with the many issues kids face these days. A little over 4 years ago, I was given the opportunity to be at the school full time and second to starting my training with Master Berry this was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself.
The Best Family

My daughter and I began training with Master Berry over 8 years ago. We have both enjoyed the journey and the training and the friendships we've made along the way. Master Berry helped my shy teenager develop into a strong, confident, outgoing young woman. When she went off to college her father and I did not have to worry about what decisions she would make because we knew her training had helped her learn honor, discipline, leadership, and many other important life lessons. Training is a way of life, and Master Berry's leadership and development of the individual is exceptional.
The Miller Family

I have been training with Master Berry for almost 10 years now and one word is AWESOME! I started when I was 7 years old and I'm now 17 and still have, after all these years, the love and passion for it as when I started. It is my home away from home. R.T. Berry School is my family and I don't know what I would do without having the support of him and his School. I can always depend on Master Berry to make me stronger and to go to him for anything I need advice or help with. I look at him as my Instructor and also my big brother the I never had. He makes tkd fun and a huge part of my life. I am very thankful to have this in my life :)
The Farnsworth Family

Unlike other ventures we have undertaken as a family, the training here is a way of life, not just an activity. Master Berry is a man of his word. He says what he will do and he does what he said. That is a rare and commendable quality for a leader, especially in today's society. We respect, honor, and will follow that leadership for as long as that opportunity is offered to us.
The Macasieb Family

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