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R.T. Berry School and Teenagers

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Our school has an exceptional environment for teenagers. They are learning how to deal with their changes they are facing. Teenagers face many challenges in today’s society. Be it physical, social, or emotional issues present in today’s times, Master Berry is committed to leading these young men and women down a path where they can truly find personal happiness. Although personal development (character, social, and emotional) is the main goal for teenagers here, they are working tradition Tae Kwon Do techniques as well as self defense and other martial training.

Beginner through White Belt, Yellow Stripe and to Yellow Belt:

In these classes the students are learning about the different moves in Tae Kwon Do as well as beginning to train in Master Berry’s personal securities measures curriculum (self defense)

  • Front Kick
  • Side Kick
  • Turning Kick
  • Hook Kick
  • Walking Stance
  • Riding Stance
  • Back Fist
  • Reverse Punch

At this point the students are learning the basic moves from the beginning forms in Tae Kwon Do and more importantly HOW to train them to continue to grow their technique as they continue to grow as well.

Yellow Belt, Green Stripe, Green, and Blue Stripe

At this point all previous techniques are being reviewed and fine tuned. The security measures (self defense) they were introduced to in the early part of their training are now becoming more natural responses for them should they encounter a dangerous situation. In classes they are also learning traditional forms, Tan Gun, Do San, Won Hyo, and Yul Gok. The teens at this level are also learning what the moves from these forms are used for, and where they come from.

Blue Belt and Up

At this point all previous techniques are being reviewed and fine tuned. The security measures previously learned have now been greatly expanded. The students have learned about body language, verbal skills, and now have a great understanding of their physical defense skills and capabilities.

“Being a Master Berry Black Belt is an action. It is something you decide to be everyday”

– teen student at the R.T. Berry School

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